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You want to take a Burke loan, but you are not sure if this offer is for you? We invite you to read the opinions of the company’s clients. See when the loan in the Fund pays off and what are its strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to this you will make the right decision tailored to your needs! This article is based on the real experience of Burke’s clients.

Where to get an online loan with bad credit

Undoubtedly, an online loan with bad credit, which is linked here is a solution for people who need more cash and have bad credit. You can apply for an amount of PLN 1000 to PLN 10,000, in addition to spreading into advantageous installments. Short-term loan companies do not grant loans in such amounts, and if so, the maximum amount (however not more than PLN 6,000) is difficult to pay once.

The installment loan in the Burke is, therefore, an alternative to payday loans – you can take a large loan, spread it into convenient installments (up to 33 months) and repay without burdening the household budget. This offer will also replace loans in banks, which for many people are unavailable and unobtainable due to prohibitive conditions.

Both young people aged 18 and older, pensioners and pensioners can apply for a loan in the Burke – the company does not set any upper age limits. Very often, loan companies and banks refuse to grant loans to young and old clients due to their too young or old age.

Loans in the Burke may also be used by persons with negative credit history, debts and even bailiffs’ classes. The company does not reject their applications, as long as they meet standard conditions, including income in the amount of PLN 1,800 before the deduction of what the bailiff takes. Thanks to this, indebted people can even improve their financial situation.

The advantages and disadvantages of a loan in the Burke

Each offer has its strengths and weaknesses – their objective recognition will allow assessing its attractiveness. That is why we have collected all the advantages and disadvantages of the loan in Burke in one place. Do you think that the list below can be extended? Tell us in a comment – we will be happy to supplement our statement about your experience.


  • no initial fees,
  • the company accepts negative credit histories,
  • loans are granted to people with bailiff classes,
  • the possibility of extending the repayment date,
  • the company guarantees discretion,
  • low lower age limit,
  • no upper age limit.


  • long waiting period for the decision (up to 24 hours),
  • cash payment up to 48 hours,
  • the need to have a permanent source of income and a contract of employment or a pension/disability pension,
  • a lot of paperwork,
  • high loan costs.

We listen to customers or opinions about the Burke

We handle this part of the website to Burke’s clients. We try not to intervene in the content of comments you leave – we limit only the bending of the so-called hate, spam and excessive “Latin” 🙂 We are aware that the opinion of real clients of the Burke is very important to anyone who is considering a loan in this company. We count on your exuberance and honesty. Tell me what you think, what experiences you have and give good advice to others.

Share your opinion on the Burke Fund and write what experience you have with borrowing in this company. Many people are waiting for your opinion.

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