Loan for Divorce Costs – Unbureaucratic – Fair Rates

A divorce loan becomes necessary when a marriage breaks and a couple gets divorced. Usually it is not yet clear how much the costs will be.

For this purpose, the value in dispute is calculated, which results from income, dependent children, the assets and the equalization of benefits. But what about a loan for divorce costs in the year of separation?

Quick Overview – Credit for Divorce

  • Whether and in what amount a loan for the costs of divorce is possible, decides in individual cases
  • The decisive factor is the proof that the required loan is safe to repay
  • As far as your own chances are concerned, you simply checked now
  • Apply – without obligation – for the necessary credit
  • The software checks in real time and proposes loan offers that fit the personal credit rating

Credit in the year of separation is often required

Credit in the year of separation is often required

Credit for divorce costs – security in uncertain times

Although couples can make the separation year in the shared apartment, as long as there are separate areas for each. Of course this is not the ideal condition.

Often it is then searched for a shared apartment. However, a move and a new apartment costs money that many do not have and therefore have to borrow for divorce costs.

However, a partner will only get a loan if his income allows for a loan installment. If a partner now decides to take out a loan for a new apartment, he should immediately include the later incurred divorce costs.

So no new loan for divorce costs for a divorce need to be included.

Where to apply for a divorce loan?

Where to apply for a divorce loan?

Actually, a loan can be applied for at any bank, provided that the loan seeker has the necessary credit rating. The bank will check the income, which must be above the attachment exemption limit.

For this she will see the private credit. If this has negative entries, a loan is rejected.

There should also be a permanent job, from which the earned income comes. Other liabilities should be manageable.

The bank will draw up a budget, the revenue being calculated against the expenses of the client. There should be a surplus left.

If outstanding debts remain, then the partner who has signed the credit agreement must also be responsible for this. A divorce has no effect on the agreed regulations.

Who pays credit debt after a divorce?

Who pays credit debt after a divorce?

If both spouses have signed the loan agreement, both must pay the loan. If there is a real estate loan, then the partner who moves out remains in the debt of the bank.

Each of the married couples are liable to the outside for the full amount. The bank then decides which partner to use.

As a rule, the ratio of both pairs is divided equally between the two.

Find the right lender for a loan for divorce costs

Find the right lender for a loan for divorce costs

Many people have to take out a loan so that divorce costs can be paid. Not only did the move have to be paid for but the new apartment cost as well.

Costs that many do not have on their side. Anyone who decides now for a loan for divorce costs, should first ask at his house bank.

This knows the customer and knows about the finances. Nevertheless, credit seekers should not decide immediately, but make after the offer of the house bank nor a credit comparison. A credit comparison is easy to use.

You simply enter the loan amount and the term. Immediately it becomes apparent which monthly burden the customer has.

As far as the interest rate is concerned, the interest rate relevant to the customer is not established until a loan request has been made. A credit inquiry is always without obligation.

Loan seekers can also get a good loan from the online banks.

Check the financial position before the loan for divorce costs

Check the financial position before the loan for divorce costs

Before a loan is generally considered, loan seekers should set up a revenue / expenditure plan. The revenue is provided against the expenses.

In any case, a balance should be left. This could then be used as a credit rate.

Experts advise not to use the remaining amount completely for a loan installment, there should always be a small financial buffer for unforeseen purchases or expenses. Also, borrowers should set the installment so that they can be easily paid.

Eventually, the correct rate height can be set with an extension of the runtime.

Credit for divorce costs in case of bad private credit

Credit for divorce costs in case of bad Schufa

When a loan is requested, each bank makes a check. This will determine how it looks with the payment behavior of the customer.

For example, if loans have been terminated, there is even a bankruptcy or insolvency. These are negative entries that cause a lender to reject a loan.

But if divorce costs are due and these can not be paid from reserves, customers with bad private credit can switch to private creditfreien credit. Some time ago this form of credit was called “Swiss Credit”.

Meanwhile, the funds come almost only from a bank in Liechtenstein. These loans are practically standardized.

Three loan amounts are provided that can not be changed, as well as the duration and the installment amount.

With credit intermediaries – credit for divorce costs

With credit intermediaries - credit for divorce costs

The private creditfreie credit is usually handled by a credit intermediation. The broker will do the preliminary work for a loan.

He also checks in advance whether the customer is eligible for the private credit-free loan. After the loan application, he will then issue a provisional loan commitment.

However, the final commitment may only be given once the bank has checked the documents. Salary statements and account statements from the last three months are required.

The income must be above the attachment exemption limit and may not be pledged. Equally important is a permanent job that is not temporary.

In addition, the age of the customer also plays a role. Especially in private creditfreien credit, the customer should not be older than 60 years.

Unemployed customers and recipients of social benefits, including the self-employed, do not receive this loan.


A loan for divorce costs is quite possible if the borrower has a good credit rating. If the private credit is bad, he can turn to a reputable credit intermediary.

Then it is checked whether the customer can pay a loan also. If the private credit is good but the credit rating is not enough, so-called collateral such as a real estate or savings or lendable insurance can increase the credit opportunities.