Loan with Vehicle as Security


In the present day, only a very small number of people finance their own cars from their own equity capital. A large part of all consumption usually goes without detours to a bank or to a car dealer, which also grants the credit.

In principle, every person who is of legal age can apply for a car loan from a bank. However, finance houses usually ask for financial security in the form of money or assets that should reduce the risk of default. The loan with the vehicle as security is therefore not uncommon and beyond a quite welcome variant for the financing of the vehicle.

Different framework conditions for the loan with the vehicle as security

The primary goal of any credit institution is to minimize the risk of default on the loan that it lends itself to as little as possible. In the case of a loan with the vehicle as collateral, this is exactly what is supposed to reduce the risk of default to a minimum for the bank. As a rule, the lending institution requires for this purpose the vehicle letter belonging to the vehicle, which as a so-called “security transfer” is intended to fix the agreements made.

Consumers who secure deposits with the vehicle on a low-cost loan usually benefit from extremely flexible terms of between 12 and 84 months. The possibility for free special repayments also offer some banks in this regard to their customers. Almost all banks have understood that they have to offer their customers attractive discounts on who they should finance their new car with them.

Anyone who takes a loan with the vehicle as collateral with a bank of his choice also has the advantage that he acts as a cash payer with the car dealer and against this background can claim one or the other discount for himself. The extent to which these discounts come to fruition depends on the respective dealer, which is why a comprehensive price comparison is absolutely worthwhile in advance for the new dream vehicle.

Numerous individual design options for a car loan with appropriate security deposit

Numerous individual design options for a car loan with appropriate security deposit

Customers can take out a so-called residual debt insurance for the loan with the vehicle as collateral, as with other loan models. With this optionally available financial product, customers can protect themselves against unemployment, disability or death. If this unpleasant event occurs, the insurance company takes over the continuation of the installments due.

Other issues to be considered as a security in connection with a vehicle loan include, for example, the free-of-charge option for special repayment, so that consumers have the opportunity to pre-pay the loan at any time. Of course, partial repayments – usually one to two times a year – are possible. Anyone who wants to be sure about a loan for the new vehicle, compares the offers received in each case on the Internet.

Further important information about the credit for the new vehicle

Further important information about the credit for the new vehicle

If, in the current month, borrowers see no possibility of paying the due installment due to a financial shortage, the Bank can assert its right to garnish the vehicle from the moment of the first default on payment. Any debtor who chooses to take out a vehicle loan should be aware of this fact from the start. Only when the loan has been fully settled to the bank, the ownership changes from the former lender to the debt-free consumer.

In addition, borrowers need to know that they are not eligible to resell the vehicle throughout the loan term. An exception occurs when the debtor informs the bank about the planned sale and has agreed to it. The proceeds from vehicle sales usually go straight to the repayment of the loan.