Online Credit without Post Ident – Secure Paperless Application


Many consumers want online credit without Post Ident. Because the Post Ident procedure is a brake on borrowing, which is usually not desired.

Most consumers opt for a loan over the Internet to quickly hold the desired money in their hands.

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  • No bank may renounce the proof of identity, the law prescribes
  • However, the classic Post Ident procedure is not the only way
  • Apply now – paperless and location independent – your credit via Video Ident

Online Credit Without Post Ident – fast, safe and cheap

What is the Post Ident procedure?

What is the Post Ident procedure?

In order to be able to verify a loan – even an online loan without post identification – it is important that the lending institution knows exactly who is borrowing. The borrower must be able to identify himself.

And this identification must be confirmed by a second person. Since there is no personal customer contact for an online loan, the verification must be carried out using a special procedure.

In the case of an online loan without Post Ident, there is still the option of carrying out the verification via a Video Ident procedure. However, this is not yet offered by all online banks, so that the selection of the appropriate lender must be made accordingly thoroughly.

Who offers Video Ident?

Who offers Video Ident?

In the case of an online loan without Post Ident, a bank must be found with the option of Video Ident procedure. It is not always clear at first glance which methods are offered for verification.

Moreover, it is not self-evident that both methods are kept ready. But on the contrary.

Anyone looking for the desired loan with the aid of the comparison calculator will know exactly whether it is an online loan without Post Ident or not. Because the calculator shows this clearly.

It also indicates whether the popular Video Ident is kept. Usually, however, this is the case since the bank would otherwise have to have a branch operation in order to have the verification carried out for an online loan without post ident.

Can the verification be bypassed?

Can the verification be bypassed?

No verification without verification. This simple rule should always be considered. It is not enough for the banks if the loan application contains personal details, revenues and expenses.

This information must always be available. While bank statements and salary statements can document the flow of money, identification always requires an identity card or passport.

And the look on it must be possible from a second person.

Electronic signature

Electronic signature

An accelerator in borrowing is also the electronic signature. It allows a paperless application for the loan and thus ensures a quick settlement.

Signatures on the contracts are simply supplemented. The documents do not have to be printed, signed and scanned again.

A quick settlement is thereby given at all times.